The E.D.F. Drawing Board
DECTRA ATTACKS THE E.D.F. (July 14, 2236 )

Lord's fleet ambushed, saved by mysterious intervention

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...With the new Hyper-wave engines, Lord's "fleet" of two starships arrived near "Pandora's" last known position, by July of 2236 (E.S.C.). Extensive scan sweeps were made around the whole sector, before long, an Earth-class planet with technologey was spotted. Lord and co. guessed that this was the mysterious planet "Tunisia" who's ships had asked for assistance from Captain Harrington. Lord gave his order, and both ships turned hard about, heading for the new world...And first contact.

   ...uppon entering the binary star system, the attack came...

   The "New York" had been fighting with a technical issue that made ship to ship communications intermittent, at best. For this reason, Lord had shuttled over, to personally deal with the issue. When the attack came, he was on "New York", not his flag ship...This is just another example of "Lord's luck"...
   The attack began with sensor distortions... As if time and space were crumbling somehow. From directly ahead, came the spectral ship. Likened to a giant, ghostly "flying Dutchmen" materializing from nothing. it was monsterous, larger than anything E.D.F. had ever built... Large enough to have taken on the great black Imperial ship of the White Comet Empire, Lord guessed.
  "Genneral Quarters" was sounded on both ships, as they swung about to present broadsides... The massive, glowing craft swung sideways as well, matching the E.D.F. ships.
  Lord ordered communication lines open to the ghost ship,.. A reply came quickly.
"People of the third planet of Sol....Our affairs are not of your concern...Thus,... We strongly recommend, you turn about...And return to your little world."
 With this dark warning, several shimmering orbs levitated outward from ports along the spectral ship...Energy readings aboard "New York" went off the scale. Aboard "Thunder-Child", Captain Verton's nerves got the better of him...He ordered his guns slung out. But, as the turrets began to turn... The glowing orbs came alive, discharging what looked like a storm of lightning bolts. As the "Thunder-Child" was struck, it seemed to "cave in" on itself... explosions ripped from verious points, as the ship crumbled together. secondary discharges lept to "New York's" bow...throwing the ship into a violent list... Lord and crew were tossed about the bridge, losing sight of the events ahead of them.
  The "New York" was heavily damaged and adrift, by the time everyone regained consciousness... As they did so, the bridge crew started to tally the ship's condition. Lord looked to the viewports for any sign of "Thunder-Child"...Instead, there was a beautiful blue world below them...This presented a new mystery...How did they get here? At this point, the communication's network came to life again, this time with welcome. "Attention Earth ship, we understand your situation...Be advised, we are sending two escort vessels to guide you to our repair facilitys. Tunisia welcomes you"


  The city of Zinna-Thraull was the destination of the escort ships, leading the battered "New York". It was an amazing place, too... The whole city was built atop a gigantic pillar of rock. A massive, mushroom shaped mountain. Jutting out from the sides, were the ship docking platforms. On one side of this mountain, an ocean sat...actually higher than the surrounding landcape. Water from it's "shores" fell into a giant canyon that seprated it from the lower lying jungle...On the landward side, there were more strange mountains, and two "volcano" sized gysers.
   There was a swarm of smaller craft all about the area...comming and going as the escorts led the striken E.D.F. ship to it's docking pad.

after docking, the admiral led his group of command heads to the platform...where another group of what looked to be dignitaries greated them. They turned out to be the head of planetary defense. Lord and his men were welcomed again...And led off to the city's highest building.
Said building turned out to be the Tunisian Presidential  Structure. Lord was to meet with Tunisia's prime ruler. ( He wondered if all newcomers were treated this way.) Such a question would have an answer shortly.

...Captain Ossyrus was now beginning to get answeres to his ships dilemma. It had been discovered that "New York" had been towed into orbit via tractor beam. As to the "Thunder Child", there was nothing. It could only be assumed, that she was totally gone. More bad new filtered up to the bridge. The repairs to the ship, would need some serious fabrication...The type only available at and E.D.F. drydock. Ossyrus decided to get a first hand look at the damage...Leaving the bridge for the main deck.
   The twin suns had set on the city, as Ossyrus walked past the big guns on the ship's forward deck. He walked abit more forward, then stopped to get a good look around the new world. Floodlights brightened the entire docking platform on which the ship sat, making it easy to see the exterior damage above the mid-line...Ossyrus now looked over to the other docking platforms, built into the mountain face at various levels....That's when he noticed the other ship. He was both amazed and puzzled. "This was impossible!" he thought...

  Admiral Lord was now sitting at a large table, in the Presidential Chambers. The room was a mix of antique and modern culture. across the room, a set of doors opened and a small group entered. Center, was a well dressed gentlemen, and a beautiful, (but young) woman...The two were escorted by a number of security types.
 "Good evening, sir...On behalf of the Tunisian society, I welcome you to our humble planet." spoke the well dressed gentlemen. This was the President, no doubt. Lord and his two officers made introductions. As it turned out, the young lady was the President's daughter. Dinner was brought in, and all sat over a wonderful meal and exchanged culture. Lord had noticed a few points where the woman had looked nervous...He thought this, slightly odd.
 President Mal-Hallex explained the dilemma of his world...And the onslaught by the mysterious and terrible, Empire of Dectra...( Who had clearly attacked the E.D.F. ships as well.)  It was explained that Tunisia, though advanced in technology...Was no match for the Dectran vessels...Or vessel. (As only one has ever been seen.) Tunisian Scientists had guessed that Dectra's attack ship, wasn't a spacecraft at all, but a Dimentional Jump Machine.
Then came the bad news.....
Although Tunisia could repair the damaged "New York", It would take some time...Possibly months to create the correct equipmet to replace the wrecked parts. Maxx Lord was frustrated by this, but understood the problem. It seemed that Martrees (The President's daughter) didn't like the news, either. Lord noticed that she looked to her father in dismay durring the conversation... She had even come close to saying something, at one point, but remained silent.
  With the dinner over, and Mal-Hallex's offer of shore leave to the crew of "New York", Admiral Lord bid his good night...And headed back to his ship.

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